Welcome to Limitless Education & Personal Development. We are a high-quality academic tutoring, mentoring and education company with an added focus on personal development. We cater for students from Early Years (EYFS) all the way up to university level. We are dedicated to providing a quality, efficient and effective service that significantly boosts academic performance and attainment, whilst helping our students develop the personal and professional skills needed to excel in all areas of later life, including the workplace.

Founded by a primary school teacher, private tutor and personal development writer, Limitless was created to close the gap between academics and practical personal development and life skills. As much as academic institutions teach children and young people to pass exams and allow them to move forward with their careers, they almost completely ignore the personal development aspects of life which allow us to thrive professionally and personally and experience life to the full. Recognising that skills such as developing a positive mindset, communication, work ethic and public speaking were missing from the national curriculum, we at Limitless Education & Personal Development made it our mission to give children and young people the best chance of success and – most importantly – happiness in their lives. Our tutoring and mentoring programmes provide high-quality support to students of all ages to achieve this mission.

Limitless also provides high-quality teaching and classroom resources for teachers and other education professionals.

Sas Edwards event with Joe Vitale
In 2017, Limitless Education & Personal Development’s founder (top right) was asked to be part of the 21 Day Self Awareness Summit with Joe Vitale.

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