What is the Law of Attraction?

Since December 2012, I have consciously known about the existence of the Law of Attraction. I was in my third year at university, and I had a few situations that had been getting on top of me, making me stressed and upset, and I was frantically trying to keep on top of my course work.... Continue Reading →

The Law of Receiving (Or the Law of Sowing & Reaping)

It may not come as a surprise that we never get ‘something for nothing’. This is something that most of our parents taught us as children in an attempt to make us well-rounded humans, but it is also a law of quantum physics – a scientific fact. The Law of Receiving is also known as... Continue Reading →

The Law of Supply

What if I told you that everything you want is already here and there is never a lack of anything? Most people would probably find this utterly ridiculous – after all, there are so many people who are lacking even basic resources to live a satisfactory lifestyle. However, the law of supply is a universal... Continue Reading →

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