Growth Mindset in Schools

When I first started teaching, I asked my mentor at the school I would be working at for the next two years, “so what kind of personal development do you do with the children?”. She looked at me in a slightly puzzled manner, and replied, “well we’ve just started getting the children to watch a... Continue Reading →

How To Use Visualisation To Create Success & Happiness

Have you ever sat and daydreamed about your dream life? Maybe you’ve thought about the kind of house you want to live in, or your dream wedding and marriage, or maybe the career you would really love to have. I bet it was fun and I bet it felt good to you, didn’t it? Well,... Continue Reading →

The Universal Laws

Most people are brought up believing that life just happens to them and they have little control over what goes on. They believe solely in what they can see – the material world around them, never stopping to wonder whether there is something else, something almost magical about us as humans… This whole universe works... Continue Reading →

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