The Law of Thinking

Everybody thinks, right? Not necessarily. You see, mental activity is not thinking. Thinking is deliberate, it is a creative force. It is what you do when you deliberately focus your attention on something on purpose. Most people believe that their thoughts control them. They think that the images and messages in their heads are controlled... Continue Reading →

The Law of Compensation

Have you heard of the law of sowing and reaping? It’s exactly what it sounds like – you reap what you sow. Well the Law of Compensation is another name for sowing and reaping. This law tells us that we will receive in exact proportion to what we give. In other words, what we put... Continue Reading →

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a scientifically and spiritually proven law of physics which dictates that ‘like attracts like’. This means that we as humans are continuously attracting to us things which vibrate on the same frequency as us. We attract everything that happens to us – the good and the bad! Every situation, person,... Continue Reading →

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